Your wedding is a special occasion and you only get to experience it once, so best to avoid overcomplicated, dated wedding photography packages not focused on your needs or styles that won’t adequately portray the joy and emotions felt during one of the happiest days of your lives!

Jonathan Owen is an experienced wedding and event photographer who is passionate about what he does. His aim is to help you preserve memories that’ll last a lifetime through his craft. With 15 years of experience, his artistic eye and ability to intuitively capture the significant moments (and the details) you can trust him to deliver beautiful, high quality images.

At Essex Wedding Photos we have tailor made our wedding photography and video packages to suit a modern wedding, with more precious memories and less old fashioned formalities. All this wrapped up in simple packages gives you a straight forward wedding photography service with no hidden costs, and a handpicked selection of photos and videos retelling the story of your big day you’ll want to frame and share with your friends and family.

Essex Wedding Photos by Jonathan Owen

Our Photographic Style 

You can expect a mix of reportage shots (photos taken in a documentary style that tell the story of your wedding day), informal group shots taken over the course of the day, a large group shot, portraits of you and your partner enjoying a few quiet moments, and your friends and family celebrating your big day. We like to take a step back and blend into the crowd rather than take over half the day with various set-up shots, and as such gets natural smiles, emotions and authentic moments.

Essex Wedding Photos by Jonathan Owen

Your Wedding and Your Photographer

Before the wedding you will get a full consultation as Jonathan ensures he approaches your wedding with your thoughts in mind as well as the technical details and personalised creative ideas. At your wedding you will get a professional photographer (or two) using the best equipment including high end Canon cameras and lenses suited for low light photography and beautifully sharp images. Lighting will be checked, the venue setup, and communication with venue staff such as the catering for timings, the toast-master for announcements, the dj for special requests (etc) to make sure your day runs smoothly and you get the best results from your photosYou will have his/their full attention for the day making sure every detail is captured from the dress to the décor, to specified shots, guests and moments that mean a lot to the couple. We make a special effort to include those, as well as at least one photo of everyone attending (even those that try and avoid the camera!)

Post Processing and Image Retouching

After the wedding.. selection, editing, albums and delivery.

After your big day Jonathan and the Essex Wedding Photography team set about transferring and backing up all your photo and video files, once that is done the selection process begins. As with all creatives Jonathan has a strong sense of his own photographic style and also a good understanding of his clients’ needs and so selects the best shots with that in mind. He reviews each image for composition, colour balance, and of course the expressions of everyone in the shot. Your photos will be professionally edited using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom using retouching skills built up over the last 15 years. Once the selections have been made, every photo gets a standard edit (colour correction, cropping, basic retouching.. if needed) then uploaded in batches to your private gallery as they are ready. You will then have the option to choose an album if required.

After all the standard edits are complete Jonathan will then create additional copies with a more artistic edit in a contemporary style such as black and white or a personally stylised version with colour and contrast adjustments. Your photos will then be given to you on a USB, and all versions will be added to your private online storage for you to download and will be securely backed up for 2 years.