Wedding Photography with Jonathan Owen

“I venture to document the unique ways couples celebrate love and partnership, and my goal is to always capture the wedding day purely, joyfully and honestly, showing the couple and ceremony in it’s best light.”

Meet your wedding photography and video team

When it comes to capturing your big day the Essex Wedding Photography team ensure that every angle is covered and every moment captured. Depending on the package you have chosen we will be discreetly photographing and videoing your wedding as the day unfolds, taking care to not only blend into the day but also document the details.

The Essex Wedding Photos team came together in 2018 after Jonathan transitioned through job roles as a full time music event photographer to focus his talents on weddings and more formal events. Having spent over 15 years at concerts, festivals and live gigs until the early hours and with an ever growing demand to photograph friends weddings it was a natural progression to mature his style of photography as he did! Essex Wedding Photos brings together his skill to capture moments, his passion for portraiture and eye for details. Alongside Jonathan as lead wedding photographer Essex Wedding Photos has talented wedding videographer Jay, a long term colleague and friend of Jonathan, and Len a renown sound engineer there to make sure every nuance of your vows, speeches and guest interviews are captured perfectly.

Wedding photographer Jonathan Owen


Lead photographer and art director at Essex Wedding Photos, Jonathan. With over 15 years of wedding & event photography in Essex and London.

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Videographer and camera operator Jay, our moving image specialist with many years experience including a feature at the Cannes Film festival.

wedding video speeches


Our sound guru and technician Len, making sure speeches, atmosphere and vows are preserved as crystal clear audio for your cinematic video.

A word from lead photographer, Jonathan

I love my job. I know many people say that, but I really do love my job. I love being a business owner, a photographer and videographer, and the happiness that my world brings me spills over into every image that I take both professionally and outside of work as I document the moments around me.

I’m thankful that my career allows me to pursue my passion for photography as well as moving image and let’s me travel to unique places to connect, witness and document the many different ways people come together to celebrate their wedding day. My intention with every wedding shoot is to help create a sincere and relaxed space where that can happen – where couples can be themselves even amongst the often hectic and busy atmosphere of a wedding.

I view each wedding as a collaboration with couples creatively and as the person responsible for documenting the day. When couples are looking back on their wedding photographs and video I want them to see a genuine depiction of who they are. For that reason, I never ask of my couples anything that isn’t honest and natural. I’m interested only in real smiles, sincere expressions, unprompted emotions. I feel that is what gives my photographs and videos the poetic simplicity they’re known for.

Photography and video creates the ability to be transported back to a moment. A moment shared between couples, friends, family, and those that make the wedding day happen. It can be funny, it can be sweet, it can be hilariously embarrassing or straight up amazing. Whatever the moment is, having an image captured with the raw emotions means being allowed to relive the moment again and again. If this is how you see your wedding being captured, please drop us an email today.

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