Should I get a wedding video?
A guide from our Essex Wedding Video team



The answer is yes you should get a wedding video!

To quote the dedicated wedding website Hitched“If photographs are enough for you to be able to remember the wedding by then that’s absolutely fine, but if you want every moment captured in detail and you want to remember the kind words that were spoken, then choosing a wedding videographer would be the right decision for you.”

Your wedding day is the most magical day of your life. Capturing those precious, intimate moments is so important. Being able to look back on your special day and relive the joy you felt, is one of the most wonderful things you can experience.

Having a wedding photographer is important. It gives you a literal snapshot of the day.

Having a videographer means that those memories come to life.

By having your big day covered on video, you will be able to see the day from another view point. Being able to see your wedding from a guest’s point of view gives you a new perspective on the day.

Being able to hear the speeches made and the emotions in people’s voices, is very important. Being able to hear the laughter and reactions of family and friends is also very rewarding.

Capturing informal interviews with your guests throughout the day, is a lovely surprise for you to see too!

Another huge benefit to having a wedding video is that you will be able to share your special day with friends and family overseas.

A professional video from the Essex Wedding Video team can really bringing memories to life.

By having both wedding photos and a wedding video in one cost effective package, you can keep your spending to a minimum and ensure you have brilliant footage from start to finish.We offer a range of wedding photography and wedding video packages to suit all tastes and budgets.

To book your wedding photography, video, or wedding photography and video package with us get in touch with the Essex Wedding Video team today.